Richard Castro COO & VP, Distribution & Acquisitions, Cinema Libre Studio

"As the distributor of "yHomeless?," I immensely appreciate the fact that Glen endeavors tirelessly to do exceptional work.  His respect for the project, as well as for those with whom he collaborates, is rare, and it's what makes working with him so enjoyable."   

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Stories and Characters By Guy Stuttley Jr.

An Offbeat Adventure

Screenplay By Glen Dunzweiler

An Urban Travel Film

A BioPic

A Run To Escape Bad Habits

Deuce The Movie



Deuce is going nowhere and his Chicago hustles could get him killed. After his military girlfriend moves them out of The City to start a legitimate family in Tacoma, Deuce must choose between the life he wants and the life his girlfriend needs him to lead. 


An Offbeat Adventure, An Urban Travel Film, A 'Big Lebowski' for Black People, A Dramedy, A Road Movie Without The Road

Main Characters

Deuce - A hustler who finds his drive, but trips on his bad habits.

Tiffany - A directed woman who knows what she needs and fights to get it.

Sean - An entrepreneur who learns to stand on his own away from Deuce.

Berto - A thug who struggles to succeed after Deuce leaves, but finds hope in family.

Test Trailer

This is a test trailer for Deuce.

Words From The Real Deuce

This is an interview series featuring Guy Stuttley Jr. talking about Deuce The Movie.