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Glen Dunzweiler

GDP is committed to telling entertaining and insightful stories about alternative characters.

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Think Tank Homeless

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Radio Interview

This is a radio interview with Jennifer Hammond concerning concepts and stories covered in the book Things I've Learned From The Homeless.

Neil Haley Interview

Tom Barnard Show

About Me

My Beginnings

Drummer, Actor, Theatre Technician, Lighting and Sound Designer, Professor, Production Manager, Writer, Filmmaker/Producer, Presenter, Public Speaker

My Favorite Work

I enjoy collaboration. That's where the stuff that's bigger than you happens.

My Current Work

Along with film development, public speaking, and video coaching, I have written a book on Things I've Learned From The Homeless.

Other Projects

Skid Row Speakers

This is a YouTube Series focusing on inspirational or humorous words from the homeless.

Social Media Video Mastery

This is an online course I am developing based on my video coaching work.

Don't stop here! Please contact me to see how I can help you with your videos or your event.

Don't Stop Here!

Contact me to see how I can help you with your video or event.